Friday, January 26, 2007

Roman Catholic adoption agencies subjected to secular fascism

The proposition being put forward by some members of the Westminster cabinet that, if Roman Catholic adoption agencies wish to continue to function, they should be prohibited from carrying on their existing practice of referring on gay prospective adopters to other agencies is part of what I perceive to be a very dangerous trend. At the moment it would appear that the present head of that cabinet is unable or unwilling to resist the proposition and that his heir apparent doesn't want us to know what he thinks.

It is one thing, and clearly right, to say that neither the Christian community nor any other faith community in Scotland or any other nation can or should demand or expect that the civil law of the nation will be some kind of legal embodiment of their particular faith positions-indeed at least from a Christian perspective I would argue that it would be a theological nonsense to expect that it ever could be.

It is quite another thing to suggest that Christians or the members of any other faith community should quite unnecessarily be compelled to act against their consciences as instructed by their faith as the price of participating in and making a valuable contribution to the national community. I can only describe such a proposition as a species of secular fascism although I well appreciate that it is not only the Christian and other faith communities in Scotland who will resist it and that there are many committed atheists and uncommitted agnostics who find it wholly unacceptable.

I do not believe that such a trend sits well with Scotland's history or present psyche. I hope that it will not take any root in the psyche of the new Scotland. I know that the only proper Parliament in which to debate and work out great issues that are at the very heart of Scotland's being is the Parliament of the nation herself. Lachie McNeill


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