Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Why Scots are talking about Independence

At the weekend the new US consul in Scotland felt able to express the view after her very short period in post that ordinary Scots weren't talking about independence. If all she had done in the past few weeks is read the newspapers she'd have realised that wasn't the opinion of Blair, Brown, Straw, McConnell et al. They've been showing almost daily that they are well aware that independence is what Scots are talking about because the SNP has made the case for independence, it's irresistible and it's time. It's fascinating then to see Blair's latest attempt at spin in the papers today. According to this he acknowledges that there is a clear and growing momentum for independence in Scotland. But will Blair accept that's because the SNP made it their responsibilty to put the case for independence before the people of Scotland, that the people have considered the case and are persuaded by it? No-according to Blair it's because the SNP have attempted to say "you are only truly Scottish if you're making the case for independence". What a patently stupid lie. This man hasn't grasped that it doesn't work any more. And what an insult to the people of Scotland. Blair is now telling the majority of Scots they are stupid. Lachie McNeill


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